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Viewers and visitors! If you have a heart for preserving & archiving traditional Naga folk arts for our people & future generations, You can help encourage Naga Folk Film production and these humble Naga folk artistes in their villages, by donating, and paying for some of these videos.

These are ways you can help donate for:

  • You wish to help preserve & archive Naga folk arts visually for future generations & posterity - Rs. 150 /- Specifically, This will go towards web uploads, bandwidth, and monthly web hosting fees.

  • You wish to help in payment / honorarium of these humble & rural folk artistes in villages across Nagaland - Rs. 300 /-

  • You wish to help in production costs and expenses as the Highland Dawn Media crew travels across 3 villages for every tribe in Nagaland and beyond - Rs. 300 /-

  • Pay per view for some of the videos in this website - Rs. 150 /-

  • Ways of giving:

    Wire Transfer/Net Banking

    Bank account details:
    Name of account holder - Highland Dawn Media
    Account number:08990200000810
    IFSC UCBA0000899
    Bank Branch: UCO bank, Kohima branch

    By donating to Naga Folk films you will further:

  • Encourage these voluntary rural Naga artistes farmers to maintain, practice, value,& teach their precious art to their children. From their ancestral days, they had been taught these traditional tribal arts by their fathers and elders in their villages in true oral tradition.

  • Encourage the children artistes & folk singers to appreciate & value their craft, songs & dances.

  • Encourage other younger modern Nagas to view & value our traditional arts

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