About Naga Folk Films


Seeing the definite need to record & document the fast disappearing Naga traditional ethnic culture & art forms, through stills, video & audio; Nagafolkfilms.com has been setup by Highland Dawn Media.

The other pressing need is to project and show though multimedia the culture of Nagaland to the younger generation of Nagas, who are fast losing touch with their culture & roots. You as our visitor & viewer could help do the same by clicking here

About Highland Dawn Media HDM:

Based in Kohima, Nagaland, northeast India, HDM produces multimedia & TV programs. HDM is the first Naga TV production house with TV programs seen weekly and consistently outside Nagaland. HDM produces TV programs with wholesome values seeking to inform, equip, and share positive truths, For further media outreach & coverage, HDM is in the process of developing online Radio, & online TV.

Through our folk productions and this website, HDM wishes to encourage both our artistes to continue practicing their art, as well as our viewers to support these arts & artistes... donate link By donating to Naga Folk films you will:

  • Encourage these voluntary rural Naga artistes farmers to maintain, practice, value, & teach their precious art to their children. From their ancestral days, they had been taught these traditional tribal arts by their fathers and elders in their villages in true oral tradition.

  • Encourage the children artistes & folk singers to appreciate & value their craft, songs & dances.

  • Encourage other younger modern Nagas to view & value our traditional arts

  • If you have Folk Videos that you would like to include on Naga Folk Films, kindly contact us

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